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Scrape Entire YouTube Channel

A client needed all their YouTube videos transferred due to a mixup losing access to an account. The utility youtube-dl makes this very simple: youtube-dl -citw ytuser:[USERNAME]

Change cPanel cpanellogd processing frequency

By default cPanel processes logs every 24 hours and bandwidth usage every 12 hours. If you have a server node full of cPanel VPSs this can cause very high load as all the VPSs process logs at the same time. … Continue reading

Prevent Post Authors from Moderating Comments in WordPress

When developing a complicated, role-based WordPress site for a client, I discovered an issue with the author role. By default authors do not have the moderate comment capability and we did not want them to for the site. However, they … Continue reading

How to create your own website for cheap or even free

We have reached the point where websites are highly desirable. It can save startup costs and allow anyone to do business around the world without opening a costly brick and mortar storefront or office. As no one uses the yellow … Continue reading

How to transfer your domain away from GoDaddy

Usually transferring a domain from one ICANN Accredited Registrar to another is a fairly straight forward process. An EPP code is obtain from the existing Registrar, provided to the new Registrar and the transfer is completed. However, you should expect to encounter various obstacles any time you attempt to … Continue reading

Designed to Fit Your Visitors’ Screen

To view the screen resolution statistics of your site’s existing visitors, access your Google Analytics account. Click “Standard Reporting”   Select “Browser & OS” from the “Technology” Menu along the left side-bar. About half-way down the page, select “Resolution” from the “Primary … Continue reading

Adjust Size of WordPress Tag Cloud

The default text size for WordPress tag clouds can be quite large. By default there are no options to change this. One option that I’ve seen recommended on forums is to hack core WordPress files to change this default behavior. … Continue reading

Save WordPress Custom Headers on Theme Change

When changing themes in WordPress custom headers are lost and must be re-uploaded. This even applies when installing a child theme and can be quite a hassle when using themes like Twenty Eleven with potentially a great number of header … Continue reading

Free Open Source Carts versus Paid Proprietary Carts

Many clients come to us having heard about paid proprietary carts like Shopify, Volusion, & 3DCart. This is not surprising, as these companies tend to have large marketing budgets. While we evaluate each client’s specific needs, we generally recommend free open … Continue reading

APC + PHP-FPM + nginx = 200% Performance Increase with Magento

Magento is notoriously slow out of the box. The built-in caching helps a lot but it still requires a bit of tweaking. When a client was rightfully complaining about their slow load times, we went to work to get the … Continue reading

Magento: Display Amount Until Free Shipping

A client requested their Magento store display at checkout the amount customers need to purchase to qualify for free shipping. This is a quite useful feature that unfortunately Magento does not support out of the box. No worries, as we … Continue reading

Convert HTML emails to plain text and trim for SMS text messages

I forward emails from clients to my phone via SMS, i.e. Initially I thought something was wrong on my carrier’s side as I was only sporadically receiving them on my phone. However, it turned out these were HTML emails … Continue reading

Plesk error: mail server requires authentication to send to a non-local email address

Funny how many of the odd server admin problems that I run into have to do with Plesk. This error randomly started happening one day when trying to send email to any user on a Plesk windows server: 503 This … Continue reading

Get Redhat updates without subscription, fix cPanel “No method to auto repair package system” EasyApache error

A Red Hat 4 server could not rebuild Apache or PHP with cPanel’s EasyApache. It kept getting a no method to auto repair package system error. cPanel support said this was due to the Red Hat subscription expiring. Instead of … Continue reading

Using find on Linux

Basic search with find: find /directory -name ‘search term’ Search files in subdirectories of current directory: find . -name ‘search term’ Find large files: find / -type f -size +100000 -exec ls -lh {} \; Search inside file contents: find … Continue reading

Automated MS SQL database backup using command line

A customer wanted automated backups for their MS SQL database. Unfortunately MS SQL management can be a little tricky since it doesn’t have something straight forward like phpMyAdmin for MySQL. Load SQL Server Management Console or Studio Express Select New … Continue reading

Script to sort & show directory sizes in Linux

Just change /www/htdocs/ to the desired directory that you want to see the subdirectory sizes for, sorted by size descending. #!/bin/bash du -k /www/htdocs/* | sort -nr | awk ‘ BEGIN { split(‘KB,MB,GB,TB’, Units, ‘,’); } { u = 1; … Continue reading

Upgrading PHP on Plesk Virtuozzo VPS

The CentOS 5 EZ template released by the Russian mafia at Parallels contains an old version of PHP and is yum-less. The first step to upgrade this is to install yum with this huge number of packages. Next install the … Continue reading

Rotate Apache (or any) logs on linux

Logs can quickly grow to take up disk space. To alleviate this problem, install logrotate if your distribution does not come with it already. Edit /etc/logrotate.conf changing the first line to the period when you want to rotate the the … Continue reading

Disable catchalls on entire cPanel server to prevent spam

By default cPanel is set to accept catchalls, that is mail to non-existent users, and bounce them. This can result in much spam being accepted by a cPanel server as spammers often brute force or randomly address their spam. Further, … Continue reading