Free Open Source Carts versus Paid Proprietary Carts

Many clients come to us having heard about paid proprietary carts like Shopify, Volusion, & 3DCart. This is not surprising, as these companies tend to have large marketing budgets.¬†While we evaluate each client’s specific needs, we generally recommend free open source carts like Magento, ZenCart, & osCommerce for the following reasons:

Free open source carts Paid proprietary carts
Open source so code is changeable, can be tailored to exact needs Proprietary so code is unchangeable, only superficial changes allowed
Can be moved to any web host if there are problems All in one package so stuck with a single company, migration to another platform is expensive
Free so only cost is setup and web hosting, not punished for growth Entry-level plans start cheap but get expensive very quickly, limits growth

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