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Change cPanel cpanellogd processing frequency

By default cPanel processes logs every 24 hours and bandwidth usage every 12 hours. If you have a server node full of cPanel VPSs this can cause very high load as all the VPSs process logs at the same time. … Continue reading

Get Redhat updates without subscription, fix cPanel “No method to auto repair package system” EasyApache error

A Red Hat 4 server could not rebuild Apache or PHP with cPanel’s EasyApache. It kept getting a no method to auto repair package system error. cPanel support said this was due to the Red Hat subscription expiring. Instead of … Continue reading

Disable catchalls on entire cPanel server to prevent spam

By default cPanel is set to accept catchalls, that is mail to non-existent users, and bounce them. This can result in much spam being accepted by a cPanel server as spammers often brute force or randomly address their spam. Further, … Continue reading